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Learn and certify yourself in offensive and defensive cybersecurity skills through interactive labs

Sql injection exercise


Learn offensive and defensive hacking skills by going through interactive guides where you can immediately practice the skills you learn.


Ready to prove your skills? Become certified by applying your skills in virtualized environments where you will have to solve real-world challenges.


Once you have proven your skills Oneleet will connect with employers that are eager to put your skills to good use!

"When I first tried out learning SQL injection through Oneleet I couldn't believe how easy it was. When I learned SQLi years ago I had to set up databases on a test machine and there wasn't a lot of quality material out there. Oneleet brings that all together and makes it seem so easy to learn in a few hours what took days before."

Trevor Johnson

Ethical hacker

Certification at all levels

Oneleet provides certification and learning tracks for multiple cybersecurity skills and allows you to prove your skills regardless of whether you've just started out or have been working in the field for years.

Many tracks to choose from

From offensive skills such as exploitation, domain admin takeovers or pivoting through a network to defensive skills such as secure code practices, firewall configuration and security architecture, Oneleet will help you learn these.

Web hacking certification track

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