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Fast Service

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Professional Skills

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Trusted Experts

Oneleet operates through an invite-only network of highly vetted technical security experts that operate in trusted countries.

Many of our security specialists are known to be creators of tools and techniques widely used in the information security community.

Best ROI

Oneleet has one of the highest vulnerability discovery rates giving you maximum insight while saving time and money.

We will make sure that your test will be performed by a specialist with expertise in your company's technology and give you the option to work with the same specialist in future engagements to minimize 'break-in' time.


From the moment you decide to have a Oneleet test performed we make sure you are involved and informed every step of the way.

We make sure all our communications and reporting are provided in a way that is understandable regardless of your technical skill without sacrificing technical detail.


Oneleet provides the widest range of security assessment types you might need, whenever you need them.

Whether you want us testing during off-hours, weekends or on location, we've got you covered.


Whatever you use,
We can test it

Oneleet provides a wide range of security assessment services without sacrificing specificity and quality. However specialized, we have the right people for it.

Web Applications
Our experienced web application penetration testers will thoroughly test your application for common and uncommon vulnerabilities.
Mobile Applications
Mobile applications are often overlooked in organizations. Our mobile pentests will show whether your apps are securely built.
Internal Network
The Internal Penetration Test will show you how far an adversary could get if they were inside your network.
External Network
Want to know if it is possible to gain access to your company's resources or network from outside? Let our pentesters find out.
Vulnerabiliy Assessment
Want a broad overview of your organization's attack surface? Our vulnerability assessment will probe your systems for vulnerabilities.
Source code reviews
Let our Application Security experts help you save costs developing software by catching vulnerabilities early.
Cloud Assessment
Getting security right is hard in the cloud. Let us help you establish how you're doing and how to improve.
Red Teaming
Red Teaming will show if your company is able to defend against an attack by simulating advanced adversaries.
Phishing and Awareness Training
Your organization is only as strong as your weakest link. Test your employees' awareness and improve where needed.
Threat Modeling
How will you know what to defend against if you don't know what your threat model is?
Ransomware Readiness
Are you ready when disaster strikes? Test and improve your organization's defenses against ransomware attacks.
Maturity Assessment
A Maturity Assessment is like a scorecard. It will show you where your organization stands, where you want to go and how to get there.

How it works?

Security tests are easily started through Oneleet

Select a service

Our technically experienced consultants will help you and guide you through the process of selecting the type of assessment that best fits your organization.

Choose a specialist and schedule

Specify when you would like to have your assessment performed, what specialist you would like it to be performed by and any other needs you might have.

Start your test

After providing all your needs, preferences and requirements, our platform will automatically generate a custom tailored assessment and start it.

Meet the team that cares about your security

Meet our company founders

Portrait photo of co-founder Adam

Bryan Onel


Penetration Testing, Strategy and Service Development

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Erik Vogelzang


Legal, Finance and Operations

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Ora Onel


Pentester relations, Threat Intelligence, Onboarding and Operations

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Wouter Noë

Commercial director

Sales, Marketing, Relations Management

Web pentester
Int pentester
AD hacker
Ext Pentester
Mobile Hacker
IOT hacker
ICS Hacker
Code reviewer
Social engineer
Malware analyst
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The Oneleet Crew

The Oneleet Roster is an exclusive, flexible and dynamic team of Offensive and Defensive security Experts that can provide any security assessment tailored to your organization.

Web pentests
internal/external pentests
cloud security assessments
Red teaming
Code reviews
Threat modeling
vulnerability assessments

Frequently asked questions

What service would be best for my organisation?

The difference between the often mentioned assessment types isn't as clear cut as some dictionary definitions would make you believe. Whether you need a Vulnerability Assessment, a Penetration Test, a Red Team engagement or a Security Program Gap Assessment depend on a number of factors.

For starters, important questions are how much you've previously invested in cybersecurity and what it is you want to know and what it is you want to avoid. If you have a good view of your organization's security stance and have solid controls in place chances are you know exactly what you'd like to have tested and where your weak spots might be.

If you have no idea where to begin, however, it wouldn't make any sense to jump to something as specialized as a Red Team engagement, as that would me overkill. One of the first things you should do is gain insight into how well your organization, systems, processes and people is protected against threats.

Whether you are taking your first steps towards a cybersecurity program or to implementing advanced adversary emulations in your company, Oneleet will help you every step of the way to gain the level of insight you need to secure your organization.

How long would it take before you could start testing?

Generally wthin a week. If you need to have an assessment done ASAP we can provide same-day or next-day services.

Why should I work with Oneleet instead of Boutique firm XYZ?

Most boutique firms employ small teams of generalists that are able to provide a wide range of services. Often times they will do a satisfactory job on whatever assessment they perform. They are usually not specialized in the specific technologies you use within your company however.

By leveraging its wide network, Oneleet is able to connect you with security experts with specialized knowledge of the technologies relevant to your company. Moreover, you can designate that tester as a 'preferred tester', enabling you to exclusively work with that expert that is already familiar with your company. That way, you save money that would otherwise be spent on someone becoming acquainted with your company's technology.

By exclusively working with only the best and most experienced trusted security specialists from western countries, we provide services at a quality level comparable to or higher than boutique firms while providing you with the same level of reliability

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